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Design dictionary

Here is a homemade lexicon crafted with love by the Meaningful team.

Design dictionary

[ Typography  ]

Typography from the Greek typographia, composed of typos (print, impression) and graphio (to write).


Typography emerged during the great printing revolution. It initially referred to the art of arranging letters and words using “type" (formerly small pieces of lead). Today, typography goes beyond printing and paper. It dominates our screens and has become the object of multiple interactions.

At Meaningful, typography refers to the design of a font, from the shape of the characters themselves to the space between the letters. It is a codified vehicle of style and conveys the identity of a brand or a service. Indeed, typography also has functional characteristics: it improves readability, impacts reading speed, and affects comfort. Typically, the typography used on paper does not have the same characteristic as that used on screens.

Useful quote

"Typography is two-dimensional architecture, based on experience and imagination, and guided by rules and readability."
Hermann Zapf, Typographer

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a new visual language to improve brand experience

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