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Design dictionary

[ Simplicity ]

Simplicity from the Latin simplicitatem, which refers to the state of being simple, frankness, openness, artlessness, candor, directness.


Simplicity is most often equated with the notion of clarity or efficiency. Yet, as a designer, the search for simplicity is central to our practice. It is a balance achieved by removing everything unnecessary and adding everything that makes sense. Whether its referring to simplicity of a form, the simplicity of use, or even execution, it is a founding principle and for some, a quest verging on the exquisite. 

Many companies like Braun or Apple have put design and simplicity at the heart of their strategy. But beyond a simple design bias or a founding principle of the designer, simplicity is a real need for users. Simplicity is all about the user, sparing the time and attention needed to offer a quality experience.

Useful quote

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

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