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Design dictionary

[ Persona ]

Persona from the latin persona (mask, character) or from the ancient Greek « prosopo » used in ancient theater to represent a social role (synonym: figure, archetype).


In a user-centric approach, the persona is a tool which makes the user of a product or service "tangible". There are two types of personas: personas resulting from a research phase (directly inspired by one or more interviewees) and personas co-created with the stakeholders of a project. Using personas in a project can serve several means, such as aligning stakeholders or acting as a starting point for realistic usage scenarios.

Useful quote

"There is an unconscious propriety in the way in which, in all European languages, the word "person" is commonly used to denote a human being. The real meaning of persona is a "mask", such as actors were accustomed to wear on the ancient stage ; and it is quite true that no one shows himself as he is, but wears his mask and plays his part. Indeed, the whole of our social arrangements may be likened to a perpetual comedy."
Arthur Schopenhauer

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a business innovation program

with Saint-Gobain

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