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Design dictionary

Here is a homemade lexicon crafted with love by the Meaningful team.

Design dictionary

[ Moodboard ]

Mood from Old English mood meaning mind in poetry, also heart, spirit or courage. 


A moodboard is an inspiration board composed primarily of visual and graphic references, and sometimes, of materials and words. It is a summary that sparks a project's future visual or experiential identity and sets the initial tone.

Most of the time, moodboards intervene at an early stage of the project. This specific form of "collage" conveys a first intention and shares a universe or snapshot image with the project's stakeholders. It also provides the designer with a reference document that guides the creation process.

Useful quote

"Design is thinking made visual."
Saul Bass. Graphic designer.

Project example


a new visual language to improve brand experience

with Somfy

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