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Design dictionary

Here is a homemade lexicon crafted with love by the Meaningful team.

Design dictionary

[ Design System ]

Design originally stems from latin designare (to mark, to draw, to indicate) and System from latin and ancient Greek sýstêma (combination, assembly, system).


In the field of digital interface design, a design system is a design guide that specifies the elements of visual language structuring a graphic user interface. Design systems comprise the fundamentals of identity such as colors, typographic styles, interface components, templates, grids, structuring rules, dimensions, interaction principles, styles and behaviors of buttons, links and icons. These elements are the outcome of a modular and systemic design.

A design system allows designers and developers to ground their decisions when building the different screens for their products. The objective of the design system is to guide choices and guarantee coherence while designing complex products. This facilitates the team’s work in a context where these products constantly evolve over time.

Useful quote

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”
Massimo Vigneli, Italian Designer

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